What’s a fortnite? Is it the same with PUBG?

Fortnite there are two game modes, namely Battle Royale mode and Save The World. The difference between Battle Royale mode is PvP (Player versus Player) is the battle of players against players, while the Save the Word mode is PvE (Player versus Enemy) is the battle of players against zombie monsters. Meanwhile, if you’re feelin’ a little bit naughty when you play it, you might want to check out the fortnite hack program just for fun.

Here will be discussed Fornite – Battle Royale, is a free FPS (First Person Shooter) game Battle Royale which has a vast battlefield, where all players who have a maximum of 100 players have the ability to build buildings and destroy buildings, and they must kill each other for becoming the only winner in the Fortnite game.

Fornite Battle Royale Game if in the movie how to play like The Hunger Game, the winner is the last player who can survive. And such fashion games are called Battle Royal. There are several other games that are also Battle Royal namely PUBG, H1Z1, and Arma3.

But Fortnite has its own uniqueness because the players can build walls and roofs that can be used to build their own fortress or to make a quick road to the high hill. Experience from some Battle Royal flow players, Fortnite games more relaxed when compared with PUBG.

Fortnite games are made by Darren Sugg and published by Epic Games in 2017. Until now Fortnite can be played on PCs (computers and laptops), Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Computer Specifications For Fortnite

Specs or specifications of a PC be it a computer or laptop must meet the standards of the game Fortnite to be run. Based on the article on Epic Game’s official website in the Q & A section, the minimum computer specification requirements required for Fornite games will be no change in the addition of hardware or hardware type.

Furthermore, if it’s compared with PUBG, the specification of the Fortnite game can be spelled lighter.