Process the fruit into a juice drink you can do with an easy way that is to enter all the ingredients needed into the blender then process until smooth fruit shaped pulp. But if you want a delicious taste, fresh, and delicious when drunk, you must be good at choosing the composition of colors, main ingredients, and additional materials. To make it more fresh, you can make it by yourself using the best masticating juicer.

Perhaps you’ve asked, why is my juice so strange? Not tasty, less fresh or even make the stomach uncomfortable. Though the steps make it correct and the materials are also complete. What is wrong? Of course, you already understand if the fruits and vegetables that are used as the main ingredient of juicing have the content of vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes. That is the main reason processed fruit juice and vegetables become one of the preferred health drink many people. Besides tasting good, how to make it also simple, just need a blender.

Did you know, juice made using a blender is actually included in the category of smoothies? Just look at the characteristics: thick texture, filling and shaped like a fruit pulp. While the actual juice is the juice, generally made using a tool called juicer or juice extractor. Nevertheless, both have the same health benefits, just different from the shape and appearance only.

– Do not hesitate to add lemon juice to your homemade juice because the water can add flavor while reducing the stinging odor on certain ingredients.

– As much as possible choose fruit and vegetable ingredients that are still fresh so that the taste and vitamin content can be obtained optimally.

– To make the juice look more appealing, use a variety of colorful materials. For example pineapple juice mixed with red guava.

– If possible, do not add sugar, sweetened condensed milk or syrup because it can inhibit the absorption of vitamins by the body.

– But if forced, make a sugar syrup. How to boil sugar with water with a ratio of 1: 1. Sugar syrup more soluble and mixed with the juice than regular sugar.