When you’re in a very long flight or a land journey, keeping yourself entertained won’t be hard as long as you’re bringing your iPhone. With the sufficient power and internet connection, you can simply watch a lot of movies from your iPhone or any Apple gadgets. However, sometimes simply streaming randomly can’t give you the maximum satisfaction for your movie streaming. We really like you to know that there are some tips that you can follow in order to have the better and the more satisfying ways the movies by using your iPhone or iPad, and it’s obviously going to need an app which is available on the iOS platform.

Make sure you download the official app

WHen you’re choosing to download a movie app, don’t go anywhere but to the App Store. This place is guaranteed for you to download any kinds of the app for your iOS gadgets. This makes sure that the app itself is going to run perfectly on your iPhone, so make sure that you’re not downloading a movie app from any other store. Aside from that, the risk of getting viruses for your phone will be higher if you’re using a random app from the non-recommended store to stream your movies.

Always bring your Power Bank

It’s true that the latest iPhone’s battery power is very strong. So you don’t have to worry about its power when you’re watching a movie from your iPhone. However, if you’re planning to do a watching movie marathon, then it’s not a bad idea to prepare yourself a fully charged Apple power bank beforehand. Although you can use any kind of power bank, for the sake of your iPhone’s condition, it’d be the best for you to rely on the official power bank for iPhone and other Apple gadgets.

Bring your own mini Wifi modem

There are a lot of wifi modems that you can buy today, so you can have a fine internet connection anywhere at anytime. Despite the fact that the iPhone’s internet capability is great, it’s still a good idea to prepare a backup internet connection if you wish to watch many movies during your travel.