The presence of a bathtub in today’s houses is now beginning to be replaced by the use of a shower. Includes shower column. In addition to more modern and space-saving, a bath with shower actually helps you to save water by 1/3 times less.

Choosing a water fountain is not an arbitrary thing you know. In order not to choose the wrong and must replace it again in the future, consider first tips on choosing the following bathroom shower.

– Choose a good material
Do not choose a fake material shower because it can affect the quality of water flowing in it. Safe and durable material for showers such as good quality plastic and stainless steel. Never use iron because it is easy to rust. If rust occurs, then the taste and smell of water will turn into rancid.

– Check the water channels
Using the shower but the flow of water into the bathroom of the house is not smooth? Of course, this will be very meaningless. The discharge of water that is not large will make the bathing activity becomes not smooth and unpleasant. So, before replacing the water bath with shower, it is better to check on the water channel. Check if the channel is blocked by dirt then clean up. Usually garbage in the form of hair that clog the water channel.

– Use bulkhead for bath area
It would be better if you use a barrier between the shower area with a toilet or a sink. You see, when showering with a shower, water will be sprayed all over the corner in the bathroom. Indeed, the walls and floors of the bathroom will dry by itself, but water splashes containing soap will make the bathroom wall and toilet become quickly dull and dirty. Use a partition, glass, or curtain to restrict the rinse area.