When it comes to reseller hosting, most management consultants look to partners or senior consultants within the company. Because the company’s expertise resides within these individuals, it is indeed very difficult to uncouple them from the business development process. However, there are areas where external reseller hosting services can be utilized to more effectively drive revenue. Unlike referrals, which are the traditional what most management consultants rely on, outbound business development and outbound business firms are targeted by nature.

The good news is that you get to choose the account you want to work with. Your reseller hosting services company will work with you to build your wish list, identify the right contacts in the buying circle. This is an important part of the business development process. It takes time, because perfect lists are rarely available to buy for many management consultants. If you are considering a reseller hosting process to include three main stages, finding, winning and maintaining an account, the area where business development services work best in “finding” the stage of the process. Presenting to the client, yes, but really cold calling-no way. Rainmaker art can sit well with senior partners who have large black books, but for many smaller companies the business development starts from cold contacts. This reseller hosting is one area where a business development services company will bring additional capabilities.

For many smaller management consultants, hiring reseller hosting to provide business development services can help with positions with customers’ prospects. After all, if senior partners cold call prospects and deal with their reseller hosting
ultimately, for many management consultants, using the company’s second external business development services more efficient and cost effective. Utilizing and maximizing billing is a manta of many successful consultations. Is it possible to get someone to do the job for you better and cost less than your own billed time,