Know the Dangers of Obesity that are Bad for Health

An excess amount of weight or commonly referred to as obesity is often not realized by many people because they think that their weight is not too much. In fact, excessive weight and applicable standards can cause obesity and other hazards. If you are one who has excessive weight, then you can use the services or consult with Dr. J Maani Bariatric Surgeon Sydney. He has handled the problem well.

Unfortunately, there are still some or even many people who are not aware of the dangers of obesity who can attack them. There are some dangers of obesity that can threaten you, like

– brain disorders
According to recent research, there are a number of cases of obesity that are harmful to the brain. As reported by My Health News Daily, obesity can affect the brain as follows:
1. Addiction to eating, because according to obesity research can change diet automatically. So if this happens, the weight will increase because the brain needs to be satisfied with its main foods that are sweet and fatty.
2. Change the performance of the immune system, the risk of inflammation increases. Then this inflammation will affect the brain and destroy some of its parts so that the mood changes easily, making it difficult to stop excessive eating habits.

– Heart disease
The danger of obesity can trigger a heart attack because excess fat can cover blood vessels in the heart so that it becomes blocked. If this happens, then a heart attack can occur including the coronary heart.

– Hypertension
Obesity has a close relationship with hypertension or high blood pressure. This can occur due to frequent consumption of foods that cause high blood pressure cholesterol and excess fat which can eventually lead to the narrowing of blood vessels so that blood pressure rises.

For that, you are advised to always control your weight so as not to exceed the limit specified or calculated by the height you have.