Being a comedian can make you a part of the corporate entertainment. Many people say that it is not easy to be a comedian. You should be funny in front of everyone, while not everyone can enjoy the humor you give. Some decide to give up, but if you keep trying it might be a famous comedian.

Being a comedian can not instant. To be a professional comedian, need to practice over and over again. Just like any other ability, if not trained there will no any progress. For those who are pioneering the ability as a comedian, a few tips below you can apply. Who knows with regular practice, you can stand in front of many people and provide entertainment for them.

– Looks Cheerful
Based on research, cheerfulness or smile can be transmitted to others. If you are joking with a cheerful face and a smile or a big laugh, chances are the people you talk to will smile and even laugh. The reason humorous people often look cheerful.

– Confidence
A humorist needs to be confident and steady when joking. Do not stumble (stutter) when talking, the results are not maximal. Do not be shy and afraid of falling self-esteem, it will only hamper your process in developing your humoristic nature.

– Watch comedy show for reference
For insights and comedic material, watch some comedy shows on television, media, or live shows. The most important thing is that you are able to capture the funny joke or the jokes themselves that you can reference to become a humorist.

– Take advantage of Voice Intonation
High low sounds during jokes are very influential. You can create a sound with a funny tone when joking. Try to arrange and find sounds with intonation as to what might make people laugh out loud to hear the intonation of your voice mixed with your jokes.

Those are some tips and basics that you need to go through before becoming a humorous and fun person. But it needs to be underlined that it is funny and serious there is also time respectively. Do not joke at the wrong moment.