For those of you who want to activate the Windows operating system for free, your wish has been made possible to be true and it is because of the presence of Windows activators. One of the activators that have been trusted by a lot of people is called as Windows loader. So, you can download the loader now if you want to activate Windows for free.

Windows loader, this is a Software loader which has been used by millions of people all around the world. This particular windows activator is famous for passing Microsoft WAT (Windows Activation Technologies) and can be said to be the safest Windows activation that has ever been created. The software itself injects the SLIC (License Code Internal System) into your system before Windows boots so that it will allow you to activate the Windows operating system without requiring you to enter a valid serial number.

However, if you want to activate your Windows with this loader, you need to know that there certain versions of Windows that can be compatible to be installed with it. Versions of Windows that can be activated with this loader include:

– Home Premium

Targeted to users worldwide. The main features of this version are Windows Touch, Aero Background, Aero Glass, Create a new Home group, Media Center, DVD Playback and creation, premium games and Mobility Center.

The downside of this version is that it can not do Domain join, Remote desktop host, network backup, Encryption File System, Offline Folder.

– Professional

Designed for IT experts. The main features of this version are the presentation mode, Remote desktop host, Domain Join, mobility center, Windows XP Mode, location aware printing, and offline folders.

The weakness of this version is the absence of BitLocker, Branche Cache, booting from VHD, AppLocker, BitLocker toGo, Direct Access, and MUI Language Pack.

The advantages of the Professional version is almost the same as the Ultimate version, in outline only BitLocker functions are omitted.

– Ultimate
Designed for computer users who want all the features of Windows 7. This version has all the features of previous versions, arguably Windows 7 Ultimate version is a complete version.