You Must Remember This If You’re Lost In The Wild

After looking for shelter, it is extremely important that you find clean water to drink when you get lost in the wild. You must choose a clean and clear water source so that the water is safe to drink. If you are unsure about the water you get, bring it to a boil. If it rains, you can collect rainwater to drink. You also need to learn about plants that contain water. You also need the best survival gear to store your water and for cutting plants. You can buy such a fine gear on right away.

After you secure water, you must think of food. You can eat small animals such as frogs, fish, or lizards. In addition, you can eat bananas or pineapples because these two fruits are usually easily found in the forest (if you are in Asia). You can eat rattan, bamboo shoots, and other types of ferns if you find them.

After that, you must understand how to navigate effectively when you want to explore the area around your shelter. If you don’t have a compass with you, determine the cardinal directions from the sun’s position. Apart from that, you can also use an analog watch. This way of surviving when lost in the wild can only be done if you carry an analog watch while on an adventure. Try pointing the hands of your analog watch at the sun. Draw an imaginary line between the hour hand and the number 12. This is the line connecting north and south. After you find north and south, you will be able to determine where to go west and east.

Finally, you can save yourself from getting lost by creating an SOS signal. Beforehand, make sure you are actually in the open and high enough. Create a fire that can produce thick smoke. Even though how to survive while lost in the wild is quite difficult, you will easily get help. For thick smoke, make a pile of damp leaves and grass.


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