You Must Know This Before Choosing And Installing Dash Cams

There are a few things to consider when choosing and installing a dashcam. The first thing to pay attention to is to know what type of dashcam is needed. Choose a dashcam that can withstand high temperatures and has a night mode. This is important because some dashcams produce poor footage when the streets get dark. Meanwhile, if you only want to find the best dash cams, we suggest you read some of the best dashcam reviews first dashcam report.

Then, you need to make sure Dashcam can run well in every road condition. In the daytime when the temperature is high it records well. At night the camera is still good. A good dashboard also usually has a spare battery. Also, choose a free storage memory. Usually, this dashcam has good durability, like a black box on an airplane.

You also need to make sure he uses a supercapacitor backup battery then look for the memory that is not easily errored. This means that from all the tips look for a reliable dashcam black box.

For installation, usually, the black box type dashcam is behind the center mirror in the cabin. The energy source uses a lighter port located on the car console. Experts stated that the installation did not interfere with the car’s electrical installation because it only used one existing power source.

In addition, there is also a dashcam with a screen. The downside is that this dashcam will interfere with the driver’s view because this dashcam is also installed under the rearview mirror in the car.

There are usually two types of installation on the market. First, use LCD, Blackvue doesn’t have an LCD for direct recording to the cellphone. That’s a reason if you use an LCD where it is placed in the middle of the car glass, as a result, there is a blank spot. If Blackvue doesn’t use an LCD behind the center mirror. So it is safe not to obstruct people’s views and the cable is inserted and plugged into the cigarette lighter.


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