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When you have to clean your own carpet

Having a home is everyone’s dream. In order for the house to look beautiful you must be good at caring for and arranging it. Not infrequently to beautify the look of the floor of the house usually you often use carpets.¬†my link¬† To choose the motif and color of the carpet must be in accordance with the room. Meanwhile, check out my link of a trusted carpet cleaning service, if you need a professional carpet cleaning company to help you out.

The use of carpet as a decorative accent is also relatively cheap when compared to the impression it can create

It’s because the carpet as a base so the carpet is dirty quickly. And also rugs are made of materials that easily absorb water, dirt, oil, and spills that are around it. Especially if you have small children. There must be lots of food or drinks that often spill on the carpet.

Large and thick carpets often make you lazy to clean them. And the following is how to care for the carpet to keep it looking beautiful.

There are 4 things that must be considered in maintaining carpet quality:

1. Always clean the carpet at least 2 days with a vacuum cleaner. By using a vacuum cleaner the carpet will always be maintained.

2. Try to install the carpet in a position that is not exposed to direct sunlight. If the carpet is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, the color of the carpet will quickly fade and dull.

3. Sometimes the carpet smells musty, to remove the odor can use baking soda. By sprinkling baking soda on the entire surface of the carpet randomly. Then wait for about 1 hour. Approximately nearly 1 hour clean the remnants of baking soda using a vacuum cleaner.

4. Routinely change the position of the carpet once a month. So that the color of the carpet will not fade in half the part.

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