What Is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is any activity or business of marketing a product or service through or using internet media. Even so, strategically, online marketing is more often used as a first step in building a business reputation. Many people use online marketing as a strategy to introduce their names to the public. Meanwhile, if you may check out Clickfunnels Review if you want to know about the latest online marketing method.

In using online marketing, a company can build its reputation by being active on social media. Many prospective consumers use the internet to find information. By utilizing the internet medium, a company can introduce their name to the public and encourage prospective customers to find more information about the company.

There are various strategies that you can do in online marketing. But what needs to be considered is the ways to market your business in online marketing is different from advertising. An online marketing strategy is more focused on promoting your business name subtly so it doesn’t look like you’re advertising your business. Because most online marketing is personal and often tailored to the wants and needs of consumers, this strategy itself is also often used to build relationships and connections between a business and its customers.

Focus on consumers

Marketing always starts with consumers. In any business, consumers must always be a priority. You must be able to ensure that you know and understand what your customers want and need. You can start by asking a few questions about how your customers first find your brand and how they experience your brand. In addition, you can also make a buyer persona. Briefly, the persona buyer is a character that you imagine or imagine your ideal consumer. To make a persona buyer, you can start by thinking about your age, education, the field of work, etc. and what they want and need from your product or service.

Follow the Conversion Funnel

If you already understand the consumer mindset, you can make a diagram called the conversion funnel. A conversion funnel is one of the important concepts in online marketing. The shape of the funnel itself can vary depending on the needs.

The funnel conversions themselves are the development of the AIDA model or also known as the purchase funnel, which is part of traditional marketing.