In this month, the most anticipated day is Christmas. Christmas Day is very special because it can be gathered with family and on vacation. For some people, the Christmas moment is also a place for a vacation to a number of other countries that have a strong nuance of Christmas. However, wherever you go, the place you most look for when Christmas arrives is definitely the church. In church, you can worship with calm and see images of Jesus that must exist on every church wall.

For some people who plan to leave when Christmas Day arrives, some of these countries may be an option because they have a strong nuance of Christmas and celebrate Christmas with great fanfare. Some of these cities are:

1. New York, USA
New York is one of those places that celebrate Christmas very lively. On Christmas Day, the more nights will be crowded and many events are held specifically to welcome and celebrate Christmas. In every corner of this city will be filled with Christmas trees. But, the center of attention is the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree that became a giant Christmas tree.

2. London, England
In this city, the most popular Christmas tree is near Trafalgar Square. Beautiful decorations throughout the night will be very visible. Another uniqueness of this place is the night market held at a number of points in the city of London.

3. Berlin, Germany
The German capital also has a lively Christmas celebration. The city will be filled with beautiful Christmas lights. The city became the most shining city ahead of Christmas and New Year. There are sixty Christmas markets that will add to this city crowd. the atmosphere of Christmas will be very thick when you visit this city.

4. Montreal, Canada
In this city, there is a unique celebration to celebrate Christmas. In this city, there will be an art and entertainment competition that will be a day of tourists’ appeal. Even in early December, the typical European market and Christmas songs filled the city.