Use Yoink for the easier document transfer in Mac

OS X operating system is known for easy file management and refers to drag and drop. Maybe that’s why the default cut feature is not given by Apple. Although it is easy, sometimes the drag and drop method will feel very complicated, especially if you are dealing with many Finder windows or anything like that. Relax, this problem can be solved with the help of Yoink. On the other hand, you may also need to find the trusted MacBooks repair plantation near you, just in case when you need to repair your Apple computers and gadgets.

Simply put, this app works like a Dock on OS X to temporarily store documents, links or text before you bring them anywhere else. That way you do not have to hold the click of the mouse while moving documents continuously or copy some text in turn.

Cobain Yoink Jump!

Please download Yoink in Mac App Store or its free trial version on the developer page. After that open this app and poke the icon in the new menu yes. Initial steps please go into Yoink settings and specify shortcut or various other things in that section. Already? Let’s try it out!

Enable Yoink from the fast way you’ve set. After that drag a document from your Finder or Desktop by pressing and holding the mouse up to Yoink window and release. Repeat the above steps for text rows or links from a web as well.

Now open a new position for your document, either a new Finder window, an additional monitor or a Dropbox account may be in the browser. Call Yoink again and drag the document from there to its new place. Done, the document will disappear from Yoink and go to his new place. It’s easy, right!

Details of Yoink Display & Complementary Features

Try pointing the mouse pointer to one of these documents, will appear 3 small icons namely delete, preview and padlock icon. Well, this last part serves to hold your document so it will not disappear after you move to the destination. This section is suitable for image or text files that you want to keep and easily access at any time.

Still, in the same view, users can also press the broom icon to erase all data in Yoink. Or try pressing the gear icon to enter settings more quickly.