Treatment of Golf Course Grass Can Be Used Maximally

Golfing now has an increasing interest, especially in Bangkok. Well, bangkok golf has a variety of fields and facilities at prices according to quality. So, for those of you who are in Bangkok and want to play golf, then you don’t need to be confused about finding a place. Golf sports do require a special field with a type of grass that does not hinder the movement of golf balls.

Golf grass is an expensive ornamental grass. In addition to the higher price of seeds than other ornamental grasses, this grass also needs regular maintenance. The main enemy is water, where the golf grass will easily rot if it is flooded. So that this plant needs a planting medium that has smooth water channels. The form of care that must be given to golf grass is not the same as garden grass. Most garden grass is easier to maintain because the land area is not much. Garden grass also does not require certain conditions, as long as the grass grows fertile and neat, the treatment is done. Unlike the golf grass because the condition of the grass will greatly affect the smoothness of the process of playing golf.

Nutrient requirements needed by golf grass vary from one field to another. This must be based on the results of the analysis of the land of each golf course. Other factors that also influence the needs of golf grass nutrients include the condition of the chew, the previous fertilization program, the quality of the grass, and the level of pest attack. Analysis of this soil is carried out every 6-12 months.

Meanwhile, the pest and disease control schedule needs to be adjusted for the level of attack. While the control time depends on the season. In the rainy season, the disease will begin to attack the plants.

Pay attention to the uniformity of grass growing on the golf course. Try to keep the field from being contaminated with other grasses. So even with weeds that live on the golf course must be destroyed as soon as possible so as not to take nutrients in the field. This weed control process can be done chemically using herbicides or manually extracting them.