Tools That Are Needed by Tattoo Artists

Many tattoo artists already understand what is needed to perform the tattoo process, but there are also those who do not yet understand the basic needs needed to make a sterile and correct tattoo. Many stores provide items in the shop, which makes the tattoo artist easier to get the tools and materials. The tattoo is now no longer seen as something negative. Various forms of interesting tattoo began to be regarded as art. That’s why started many tattoo shops, selling tools as well as ingredients as well as incised in the body into images or writing as desired by consumers.

Here are a few of the names, and descriptions of the items that will be needed to make a tattoo.

– Machine tattoo
This tool is certainly one of the most important items. Coil machines use electromagnetic coils to move the armature bar, whose function is to push the needle containing the ink/pigment into the skin.

– Needles
Needle tattoos exist in various sizes commonly used is the size 3-15, needle liner to make lines with RL code, shader needle is usually flat, magnum and round, magnum with code M1 and M2, for round/round with RS code. Must use disposable needles to avoid contamination/disease transmission.

– Green soap and spray bottles
Green soap is a liquid soap made from vegetable oil, used to clean hands of germs before tattooing, clean the ink stains during the tattoo process, and also clean the ink stains after the tattoo process is complete. While the spray bottle is used to fill the green soap and water, so must provide 2 bottles. Water will assist you in washing the ink that is attached to the end of the machine and the needle when it will change the color of the other ink.

– Gloves
Gloves are an important and mandatory item during the tattoo process, use only disposables to prevent disease transmission or cross-contamination.