Tips in jump-starting your car

Battery runs out as a result of routine checking negligence? We can only feel it when the car has broken down alias cannot start. Battery jumper is a popular and practical solution because it looks easy. That’s why it’s a wise decision for you to only buy the best jump starter on the market for your car.

Easy? It’s actually not that simple, due to we must be careful to understand and follow the right rules how to menu jumper battery. Instead of going fast, can be a car that even becomes victims. Incorrect sequences and rules in battery jumpers may be fatal both for the battery itself, for the car’s electrical system, even for its own safety. Perhaps the following procedure may help provide the solution:

Safety first, uses eye shield, gloves, rubber-soled shoes. Make sure to do a dry room jumper, not in the rain. Keep away from liquids or combustible materials. Keep away from children.

Position the two vehicles so that the second battery of the car close together and within range of jumper cable and enough space for you to work.

Look for and notice the positive pole and negative pole of the battery in the donor car (car D) or on the receiving car (P car).

Clean both positive and negative poles of the battery in both cars, make sure it is firmly installed.

Both cars in the ignition key position OFF.

The order of the jumper is as follows:

Clamp the red jumper cable to the positive pole of the D car, connect it with the positive pole of the P car. Make sure the clip is strong and stable.

Clamp the black jumper cable at the negative pole, starting at the P car and proceed to the D car. Make sure the clip is strong and stable.

Start car D, allow a few moments for the current to flow to the car battery P.

Try starting P car

When the P car is on, remove the jumper NEGATIVE cable first, then the Positive jumper cable.

P cars that have been successfully turned on, let stand a few moments in RPM 2000-2500 until the charging of the depleted battery.