Tips for solving the daily electric heater problems

When the electric air heater has an abnormal operation and needs to find out the cause immediately in case of damage, it can be completed on time to ensure the normal operation of the production. The troubleshooting techniques for the electric air heater are described below. In the meantime, perhaps you may also want to check out the recommended industrial infrared heating as well.

1. The heater stops working

Check one electric air heater to determine whether the three-phase power is normal or does not have phase due to channel problems. If there is a phase shortage, immediately locate an electrician to fix it; if the fuse is still intact if the device itself is burning Open the air heater cover and check whether the single heater element is broken with a multimeter.

2. The thermometer shows an abnormal temperature

When the temperature data from the air-heater is not normal, we must first check whether the air switch has been closed, and then check whether the control circuit is in good condition; after the electricity is turned on, the heating temperature does not match, and we need to check the cause of the error. First, check if the fuse is still intact. If there is no problem, check if the heater itself is damaged.

If the temperature is below 0 ° C during the winter, if no steps are taken, the water in the heater will easily form ice, which will not affect normal operation, and is very likely to trigger the pipe. The reasons for the ice cracks may vary in different regions. In areas where temperatures are relatively mild, it may be because there is no preheating plate in winter, and there is water on the cooling surface. Breathe cold air open and freeze. At this time, it should be noted that water in the surface coolant is discarded when not in use in winter. Aside from that, We can also set the mixing valve. Mix the fresh air and restore the air thoroughly; the three phases are unbalanced, we can first check whether phase three phase voltages are the missing phase, or open a gas pipeline heater shield with a multimeter to check if it is caused by an open circuit of the heating element.