Tips for playing car racing games

Everyone has their own life needs in the use of Android, it can be said that Android as a source of information, sources of livelihood, sources of hobbies, sources of knowledge, sources of dating and many other sources. Android is a smartphone that understands human desires, with Android smartphones we can judge its function from the negative side or positive, it all depends on the user though, this time we will discuss the function of android as a hobby source! Meanwhile, perhaps you also want to check out the Asphalt 9 Legends MOD for Android.

The hobby source that I mean is “Android Gaming”, after running other activities from android, of course, people feel bored with their activities, sometimes games can also make the loss of boredom, let alone we are office workers, boring huff.

I mean Android games are car racing games, in running the game we have to have special skills or tricks in driving a car so that the soul in playing the game is achieved with the pleasure.

Must have special skills in playing car racing games on android

In playing car racing games certainly have 3 (three) special settings in running or driving a car which is often called (Steering Mode).

Steering settings (Car Steer),
Smartphone movement settings (Tilt) and,
Hand touch settings to the smartphone screen (Touch Steer).

Other people how to play it, men have their own tastes, for me how to play car racing games always choose number 2 settings because the type of car game I play is the speed car, the car is fast, so the motion needs an accelerator setting to reduce collisions or collisions car (stability).

That’s it for the info that I can share with you this time. Although this article is short, I hope it helps you to understand more about the racing games. Don’t give up and keep practicing! Due to only experience and skills that will allow you to play the racing games excellently.