Tips for Photographing a Newborn Baby

Baby photo shoots are gaining in popularity. If the ordinary baby used to be photographed with decorations and makeshift pose, is now rife photo baby fell asleep with an adorable pose supported unique decoration. To produce interesting baby photos, many factors to be considered, especially concerning the comfort of a baby when photographed was busy sleeping. The Newborn Photographer must take the necessary actions to prevent any disturbance during the photo session for the baby.

Tracy Callahan, a professional baby photographer from the Memories by TLC photo studio in North Carolina, USA, shares 8 factors to watch out for when shooting newborns.

1. Warmth

In order for a comfortable baby when photographed naked, it is important to keep the room temperature warm. “I always set the 85º Fahrenheit studio temperature (29.4º Celsius). I also warm the blanket on the heater before it is used as a baby bedding. If you feel sweat during shooting, it means it’s a warm condition for babies and they will usually sleep better, “Callahan explained.

2. Soothing Voice

In the womb, the baby used to hear the rumbling sound of amniotic fluid and it made them comfortable. “During the shoot, I always sounded two kinds of sounds, the sound of rain and the sound of seawater, from my phone. I also play music. Not only does it help the baby stay calm but also make me and my parents more relaxed, “Callahan said.

3. Stomach Reality, Baby Calm

Feed the baby before the photo shoot. “If babies are happy when they arrive (in the studio), I’ll start with family shoots then let mothers breastfeed babies again when I set up baby shooting properties. I will stop (photographing) if baby looks need food. Babies with full stomachs will sleep better, “Callahan said.

Remember these tips when you’re going to take a photo of a newborn baby, and you will be able to take beautiful and memorable pictures without disturbing the little one.