Tips for bringing your child to a restaurant

When inviting children to eat in a restaurant you should do this the things that we’re going to share with you, so you and the little one can enjoy the food there conveniently. Aside from that, if you’re looking for a nice place to eat that won’t burn your wallet, just take a look at Bob Evans menu prices.

1. When a child travels around the restaurant you just visited if you have to wait a while. Invite him to see every corner, decoration and food menu, so that when food orders arrive, your child is satisfied to know his new environment. Because for children, feeling safe in a new place is very important to support eating activities.

2. Select a table in a corner that is far from passing the waiter because the scene of busyness makes children tired. Choose a position that makes it easy for you to leave if the child suddenly fusss, so as not to disturb other guests.

3. Ask for a high chair Based on the etiquette of eating, when eating a good body position is perpendicular, not bending, lifting your legs or sitting down. Sitting in a position like that will interfere with eating activity. High chair is needed so that the child’s sitting position is not too low from the dining table. If the child is not used to eating while sitting on the high chair, chances are he will ask for his lap while eating. Give the opportunity to sit on your lap to give him a sense of security. After that, ask the child to sit on the high chair placed between you and your husband.

4. Keep electronic devices away from the table. Don’t give your child an iPad, a cellular phone or another electronic device to hold him down from the chair. Better invite him to chat occasionally. Look at the child occasionally when you eat so he feels safe and calm. Ask if he likes the food.

5. Bring spoons and forks. Not all restaurants provide cutlery for children. Bring children’s eating utensils to make eating easier.