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This Is The Condominium For Surviving The Apocalypse In The USA

Various religious teachings say that ready or not, humans will certainly face doomsday. But, there are only human efforts to avoid the last day of human civilization. A luxury condominium is being built under the Kansas ground, complete with luxurious facilities, ranging from swimming pools, cinemas, even libraries. The developer guarantees that this condominium is anti-doomsday, anti-solar flares, anti-terrorist attacks, and anti-pandemic diseases. This condo is also called earthquake resistant. However, if you are simply looking for a high-quality condo in Singapore, just check out the Piermont Grand showflat.

Even though there will be no one you can call and anger if this guarantee – in the end – is not proven. At the very least, your worries can be slightly reduced.

So far, Larry Hall developers have collected the US $ 7 million from buyers, as quoted by the Daily Mail. The buyers can immediately enter the condo as soon as the disaster approaches.

“They (buyers) are worried about various events, ranging from economic collapse, solar storms, pandemics, terrorism, and food shortages,” Hall said.

They call the condo ‘doomsday preppers‘. Even Hall has bought one unit. He claimed to be afraid if there was a solar storm that swept the earth. Hall feared that the disaster would turn off the electricity network and cause chaos.

He and his wife and children currently live in Denver. They will use the condo as a vacation spot. But, if a disaster comes, he is sure it is ready.

Hall was not the first person to buy a unit in a condominium called the atomic explosion. Even the most paranoid people can find comfort in concrete 9 feet thick and pierce the ground to a depth of 53 meters.

Hall added 3.5 units were sold, two contracts were still floating, and only two more floors remained.

Hall also makes farms in the room to maintain fish and vegetables. He estimates that the farm can support 70 people in five years.

The top floor and buildings at ground level will be maximized for security. Other floors will be used for swimming pools, cinemas, libraries, health centers, and schools. This condo also features energy support and a giant water tank.