This Is Air Compressor’s Working Principle

An air compressor is a machine or device that creates and flows compressed air. Air compressors are commonly used for filling tire air, cleaning dirty engine parts, supplying air for the combustion process in an electric kettle/motor, painting with a spray tool, compressors are also widely used for tools that use a pneumatic system. Meanwhile, if you want to find an air compressor that is suitable to be used in a garage, you can visit right away.

The working principle of an air compressor is almost the same as a bicycle or car tire pump. When the piston from the pump is pulled upwards, the pressure under the cylinder will decrease below the atmospheric pressure so that air will enter through the valve gap (valve) of the compressor. The compressor valve (valve) is installed on the piston head and can tighten and loosen. After the air enters the cylinder tube then the pump starts to be pressed and the piston and valve (valve) will drop down and press the air, thus making the volume small.

The air pressure continues to rise until it exceeds the pressure capacity in the tire so that the compressed air will enter through the valve (valve). After the pump is continuously the air pressure in the tires increases. The process of changing the volume of air located in the pump cylinder to be smaller than this initial condition is called the process of compressing (compressing air). The air compressor is divided into two parts, namely Dynamic Compressor and Displacement Compressor.

Dynamic Compressor uses a vane or impeller that rotates at high speed to produce a large volume of compressed air. There are two types of dynamic compressors, centrifugal (radial flow) and axial compressors.

a.Centrifugal compressor uses a high rotation system. Air entering through the middle of the compressor inlet flows through the impeller which rotates inside the volute casing before exiting to the compressor outlet.

b. The axial compressor uses a dynamic rotation system that has a series of airfoil fans that function to suppress fluid flow. Axial compressors are usually used for gas/air turbines such as high-speed ship engines, jet engines, and small scale power plants.

The displacement compressor is divided into two parts, namely the reciprocating compressor and the rotary compressor.


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