These Reasons Make Music Important In Films

Guys, surely you have been carried away by a film because of the music or the scoring. Well, not only from the cinematography side but the music in the film also has a big role in building the emotions of the audience, you know. Are you curious why, from music and sound elements alone, you are carried away by emotions when watching movies? Let’s check out the reasons why music is important for films! Meanwhile, if you need some cool rap beats for your films or videos, we suggest you Buy beats from a trusted licensing website.

Creating an atmosphere in the film

You could say, this is the most important function of music in a film. Music can create an atmosphere in a film to match the scene, whether it’s an atmosphere of mourning, happiness, fear, and so on. In short, music can define the level of ‘drama’ in a film.

Music can define a genre of film

Curious why you can be scared when watching horror films? Yep, apart from the scene, of course the music is creepy and creepy, right? Well, one of the depictions of defining a film through the right scoring is in the film Hereditary which recently aired in theaters. A close-up scene that shows a dollhouse in the daytime feels so creepy just because the scoring is tense.

Music as a commentary on a scene

Since a long time ago, filmmakers have used music to provide a commentary in one scene that can guide the audience. For example, you can guess whether the scene you are watching means a victory for the main character, or when a dialogue leads to a sad scene. Have you ever noticed?

Music can make us feel the emotions of the characters in the film

This is another powerful function of music. Now in a film, even an expression on a cast’s face that seems empty can be made as if he is feeling a certain emotion, you know! Of course, it all depends on how the music accompanies it, for example using a sad song. This is the director’s way of leading the audience to feel the same emotions experienced by the actor in the film.


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