These Benefits Of Massage Are Not Well-Known By Many People

Massage or stress activities using certain techniques have become part of the lifestyle of many people around the world. Not a few who feel the benefits of this activity, one of which is to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort, especially when tired of various daily routines. There are some things that many people may not know about the benefits of massage. Those benefits can be felt better if they hire the service of the best therapists, like the ones from the company of massage gold coast.

Not only as a way to unwind and help relieve soreness, here are other reasons why massage can be the right choice:

Massage can stimulate muscle growth

Massage can promote regrowth of muscle tissue after injury, by stimulating protein production in cells. According to a study conducted in the United States (US), although the affected limb cannot be massaged, you can still benefit from the muscle growth that occurs. In fact, the researchers found, even though the parts that were massaged were those that were not injured, the muscles in other parts of the problem we’re still able to grow faster.

Promote the growth of premature babies

Back in 2015, a study revealed that massage therapy sessions that are taken twice daily for two weeks can increase weight height, weight, and head circumference in premature babies. This also makes the number of bowel movements increase so that the newborn can be discharged from the hospital faster.

The findings in this study are very significant, so the researchers recommend that all nurses in the NICU get training in massage therapy techniques. It is hoped that all premature babies can get this treatment.

Massage improves sleep quality

Indeed, a relaxing massage can improve the quality of sleep at night. In addition, there are studies that show specific benefits of massage for people from certain groups.

Among these are newborns who get a regular massage from their mothers. This has been shown to improve the quality of sleep for babies, including the mother.

Then, for children who suffer from autism, research shows how massages given by parents before bed can improve the quality of their sleep. Usually, these children will sleep earlier and experience less restlessness at night.


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