These Are Unique Roof Types For A Minimalist House

Shingle roofs are usually made of materials in building a house, one of which is wood. The advantages of shingle roofs are their unique shapes so that their installation is often found in simple houses but still want to display elegance like in a pavilion and gazebo. Does not absorb heat so the house becomes cool. The disadvantage of a shingle roof is that the price is very expensive because it is included in building materials that are difficult to obtain. Besides that, the installation is also quite difficult and requires regular maintenance. Apart from that, you may want to check out the roof restoration reviews before you hire the available roof companies near your area.

In addition to shingle roofs, asphalt roof tiles are made of a mixture of asphalt and other chemicals. The advantages of asphalt tile roofs are lighter compared to metal and ceramic roofs.

Fire resistant and resistant to strong winds. Coated with anti-fungal coating and fade with a variety of color choices.

The disadvantage of the asphalt roof is that it is expensive. In addition, he also needs a framework that is strong enough to support a greater weight compared to other types of roof.

This roof is often used for areas that are often hit by disasters or require tile that is strong enough and resistant to various disasters.

Furthermore, apart from those two roof types, we often find canopy roof’s installations on the terrace area of the house. Installation is usually directly ordered at the welding service provider.

The advantage is the beautiful shape with a variety of models and colors. Has a relatively long resistance to tens of years. The price is also relatively cheap.

The disadvantage of a canopy roof is that some houses that install without adequate ventilation will often look darker. Some materials are similar to zinc which is noisy when it rains heavily. The function of home ventilation is as a change of air in the room to remove it so that the air remains fresh.

This roof display is often used for car garages, very practical to use and installation is very easy and fast.