As a widely used investment, bitcoin is strongly recommended to invest well on the internet. You can get it in mamooti. With bitcoin, your investment will be better and more profitable than an investment in other fields. To get bitcoins is also not a difficult thing because in mamooti you can buy it on credit card.

However, there are some myths about bitcoin investments that flourish in the world community. Some of these myths are

1. Purchase bitcoin at least 1 coin
Lies circulating in the community is if you want to have a bitcoin, it means you have to buy it with the amount of 1 coin with a fairly expensive price. this is very wrong and wrong information. You do not have to have a lot of money to invest bitcoin, even with a little money, you can have it. Later, the bitcoin value you have is the capital you have divided by the bitcoin price at the time of purchase.

2. Vulnerable hacked
Another lie that spreads in the community is the security of the bitcoin itself. In fact, in the system, as long as there has never been a case of hackers who attack bitcoin. The most vulnerable to being a hacked object is the bitcoin wallet system. This is also because the users are less to provide the best security for the wallet he has.

3. Used for criminal activity
Bitcoin is often used by some certain parties in the black market on the internet. Given the existence of this money is not under the supervision of the government of each State. This is what makes people do not want to use bitcoin because they feel its use is mostly criminal. In fact, not everyone who uses Bitcoin is a criminal. Many people use it only for future investments.

4. Bitcoin mining is a dangerous act
Creating bitcoin does require high tech devices. Therefore, many people think if bitcoin mining can trigger the use of large electricity which will be dangerous such as damage to the environment.