Consuming kefir become a trend itself for the community. Many of those who want to consume to get good skin health and beauty. This may be obtained from consuming kefir in the most appropriate amount. You can also consume kefir grains for good content for your health.

Keep in mind that the content of kefir and nutrients in kefir almost the same as the nutrients contained in the main ingredient of milk. kefir is rich in calcium, amino acids, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin K, zinc, and folic acid. The benefits of consuming kefir also can cure various diseases that you suffer. There is some content that usually found in the milk of kefir, such as

1. Potassium, which works to move the blood vessel wall to remain stable, to avoid you from various kinds of high blood and heart disease

2. Iron, which serves to keep skin shine.

3. Magnesium strengthens the heart and nervous system so not easily tired and still have the energy despite long activities for a full day.

4. Zinc, this serves to improve the body’s immunity for energy formation. prevent infection and repair DNA. Controlling for the production of stamina hormone remains normal. help improve the quality and quantity of sperm and prevent prostate cancer. In fact, can also help the process of healing wounds. Seta adds minerals in the bone and improves brain function.

5. Lactic acid, in kefir, has various health benefits. There is as a probiotic that can suppress the growth of bacteria that cause gastrointestinal diseases. This is because lactic acid bacteria produce antimicrobial compounds, including bacteriocin, hydrogen peroxide and various other antibiotics.

Milk kefir usually also popular as fermentation milk, yogurt kefir or various other names. This product is considered to play a role to overcome certain health disease, such as abdominal pain, digestive disorders, diarrhea, and high cholesterol. This milk does contain bacteria that do produce chemicals and enzymes that are good for the digestive process.