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These Are Some Bad Things That You Can Get If Your Air Conditioner Is Dirty

Many people use air conditioners in their homes. The use of air conditioning is indeed not a bad thing. However, the cleanliness of your air conditioner must be considered properly. There are many people who don’t clean their air conditioners and they get poor body health. If your air conditioner is dirty, then you have to clean it properly. You can use the services of the aircon servicing to clean your air conditioner local service.

If you let your air conditioner dirty, then some of these bad things can happen to you. So, you have to take care of yourself from the germs and bacteria that are in the air conditioner. Here are some bad things that can happen to you if you use a dirty air conditioner.

1. Weight gain
Indeed there are many factors that cause weight gain. It turned out that research conducted by the University of Alabama in Birmingham, England also explained that air conditioning could be one factor in increasing body weight. This is because when you use air conditioning, the temperature in the house will be constant and the body does not need to spend energy, the body also does not need to burn calories to adjust to changes in temperature. This is what makes body weight relatively constant and rises. Because the body does not burn calories. Especially if you are lazy to exercise then the body will definitely remain and there is no change.

2. Legionnaires disease
This one disease is a disease caused by legionella pneumonia bacteria. Legionnaires is one type of disease associated with AC. Especially if the central AC is used. This disease is characterized by symptoms such as coughing and high fever. Plus body aches and headaches and body fatigue. If left alone, it can endanger health because it can cause complications.