The History of Crossbow

In archery, the crossbow is one of the important parts that all the archers need to have in order to fire their arrows. Some of the archers might not know completely about the history of the best replacement string for Tenpoint crossbow that they use every single day when they are practicing their archery’s skill.

They all believed that the hunters who lived in the past used the crossbow to hunt their foods. We all know they all ate wild animals for living in that era. The hunters who lived in that era used the arrows and crossbow in approximately fifty thousand years ago. Some of the anthropologists also had studied the indigenous people used the crossbows and arrows as their primitive technology weapons. They used to make their own arrows and crossbows not only for hunting but also for protecting themselves from their enemies.

We know that some of the primitive tribes who lived in the jungle had so many different traditions, therefore, they also made specific weapons for self-defense. They used materials that they got from nature such as bamboo or woods. Some of those primitive tribes also used specific deadly poison on their arrowhead with a specific purpose. They got the poison from dead poisonous animals such as snakes, poisonous spiders or even poisonous frogs. In other words, those people use the arrows and bows to hunt the warfare.

Besides for hunting the crossbows and arrows are already used in some of old sports competition such as ancient Olympic in Egypt, India, and China. In each country, they have different types of crossbows and arrows so the part of their histories from their ancestors will also determine the design of their crossbows and arrows. Naturally, a bow is made from few of material that can spring such as bamboo and other of specific variants of woods.

The strings of the crossbows are usually made from the animal guts. Some of the historical journals had shown that Native Americans and some of the Asian people used to create such innovation by patching the tendon of animals on the back side of their bows. Therefore their bows could make such incredible glide so their arrows will be stuck on the target perfectly.