The Difference Between Kayak with Kano

Canoe and kayak difference can be quite confusing. Kano and kayak are both light boats that are paddled and managed by a paddler, but each boat has its own uniqueness. Although both can be used for recreational activities, water sports, fishing, and travel, there are some key differences that should be known when recognizing one another. Get the best kayak by visiting Kayak Accessories for Sale Online.

1. Learn basic classifications

Kano and kayak are classified by letter and number. The letters refer to the type of boat used, and the number refers to the number of rowers in the boat. Although there are various types of canoes and kayaks for various water activities, water conditions, and skill levels, boat classification generally still refers to the system of letters and numbers. For example, a canoe with a paddler that is classified as C1 (solo). The canoe with two paddlers is classified as C2 (tandem).

2. Notice the difference in terms of purpose

In a boating world for a recreational reason, canoes tend to be regarded as a pickup vehicle, while kayaks tend to be more like a sports car. Kano is considered the more practical, flexible, and easy setting. These features make the canoe really good for a walk while paddling with the family in the very calm waters. On the other hand, kayaks carry fewer people and generally can go faster than canoes. That is why kayaking is preferred for challenging and competitive water conditions.

3. Notice the difference in terms of design

As stated earlier, standard canoes generally have an open deck, while kayaks have a covered deck. The contrast in the two deck parts is very obvious: the open deck exposes the top and in the boat, while the covered deck covers the top and in the boat. Therefore, canoes with open deck allow paddlers to move freely, while kayak with a closed deck enveloped paddlers, and provide protection and a sitting position that locks. For more fierce waters such as climbing kayaks at sea or rapids (grade 3 and up), a closed deck combined with spray skirts is very useful. Spray skirt is a kind of cover material that surrounds the paddlers to prevent water from entering the boat.