The Convenience Of At-Home Test

Nowadays, the at-home test is popular because of its convenience. The pregnancy test that is booming in the 1970s started the favor of home testing. And it only grows bigger from there because now you could do simple and quick tests for ovulation, or even HIV, hepatitis C, or STDs with an at-home test that available at You could order it online from any device, send the test to the lab, and get the result in 1 to five days.

This type of test is used by many because it offers convenience and simplicity. The test will help you avoid wasting time for a trip to the doctor’s office that could take a lot of time even from making an appointment. Besides, some tests could be taken anonymously and you are the only one that will know the result. It is simple and private so it is not surprising many choose this over driving to a clinic to get the test they need. But many critics said that this type of tests encourage unnecessary fear and a waste of money and time because it could give inaccurate results and unpredictable when done incorrectly. Yet, many customers who desire to detect their potential health problems as soon as possible make an at-home testing kit widely sought after.

However, you need to remember when you are using the at-home test kit you are not diagnosing your health problem but simply self-testing. Following up with your doctor is important when you take a home screening, family planning, or monitoring products no matter what the result is. You also need to follow specific guidelines in using the at-home test kit that you will use. First, before using the kit you have to check the expiration date. Make sure you are following the instruction regarding storage or steps in using the kit. And in collecting a blood sample you could avoid lightheadedness by sitting down.


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