The Conditions That Can Be Experienced If You Lack Sleep

The need for sleep is equivalent to the importance of the human need for food and breathing. Lack of sleep if used can cause various adverse health effects. If you have problems with your sleep and are trying to use or take drugs then we recommend you choose drugs at because the drugs or products are guaranteed safe, good quality and without any side effects. You must know that sleep has an important role in the body. During sleep, the body will repair itself, both physically and mentally, so that we feel refreshed and energized when we wake up in the morning and are ready to carry out activities throughout the day. Besides, sleep also helps the process of growth and development, especially in children and adolescents, because it is during sleep that growth hormone is released. The following conditions can be experienced if you are not getting enough sleep.

Inadequate sleep needs, this can cause you to look tired when you wake up, yawn throughout the day, feel sleepy after eating and find it difficult to concentrate. Besides, people who suffer from insomnia are also suffering from various serious diseases. Insomnia itself is a condition of someone who has difficulty sleeping or has difficulty sleeping soundly. People with insomnia are at higher risk of developing diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and mental health problems such as mood disorders and anxiety.

Next, you will feel sick easily. When we sleep, the body will release cytokines. If we are sleep deprived, the production of these cytokines will also decrease. Lack of sleep also causes a decrease in the ability of the immune system and cell performance in fighting infections. This of course can harm the resilience of the immune system to fight infection and the speed of the natural healing process.


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