Start To Care For Your Bow

So, why do you need to open the bow after using it? If you leave it in an overnight bag, it might lose its strength. The best way is to keep your tackle dry. Sure, you can lean the bow and arrow with a soft dry cloth if the bow is wet. Is it important for you to deal with replacement bowstrings? To be able to answer such this question, you can imagine or ask yourself what experience you may have if you use the bow with the broken bowstring.


The bow is made of wood and is easy to break. The best way to save your bow is to hang it on a peg on the wall and keep them away from the radiator. Did you know that almost all wooden arcs follow the string or take a set towards drawing? A set has no real objections, so don’t try to straighten your bow by bending against this natural setting. This is a good plan to remove, clean, and even dry the arrows after you go through a day of shooting. You can use the wax on your bowstring. Aside from that, don’t pull your bow and release it. Believe it or not, this can be a good way to break both the bow and the string.

You must open the bowstring when you don’t use it unless your bow is made of fiberglass. If you have a fiberglass bow, there’s no harm in letting it hang all the time. If your bow are made of natural materials, make sure that you will release it when not in the use. Change your string if it looks outdated. If your rope looks old and worn, replace it. The string is cheap, especially if you make it yourself. It’s better to change the strings than replacing your bow. To get more tips on how to care of the bow, don’t hesitate to do the online research.