With the development of mobile devices, mobile search optimization becomes a very important skill that must be owned by agence seo montreal service providers. Here is an article that discusses some of the things that SEO service providers need to know about mobile search optimization.

– Unsuitable Data Makes Mobile SEO More Difficult

One of the major problems facing mobile marketers is the lack of universal standards of what devices are included in the “mobile” scope and that makes meaningful comparisons of mobile research and metrics extremely complicated.

– Improved Quality Development and Assurance

Some of the biggest and most simple issues in a mobile site audit are display or display issues. This should be really noticed by SEO service providers. If you have a display problem on your site it will increase the bounce rate for that page, making it difficult for the page to rank well and also potentially make the entire site difficult to get good rankings on search engines. In Development, the SEO team must test new pages and templates on a variety of different devices, including iOS, Android phones, and tablets (including iPad and iPad mini). There are several things that should be reviewed on each mobile device before the mobile site begins to launch:

Make sure that navigation and content work, properly formatted and fit on the page
Verify mobile tracking on multiple devices
If there are ads, make sure they are displayed properly and searched properly on different devices
Test all JavaScript and AJAX
Play video and audio to make sure they are working properly

– The weak analysis makes Mobile SEO Difficult

From the beginning, mobile phones (especially feature phones) had difficulty executing JavaScript. Because most sites use JavaScript for tracking. Even on smartphones, where there are significantly fewer problems with JavaScript, tracking code execution is not as reliable as in desktop browsing. Different layout testing and copy solutions are very important for SEO service providers to see mobile traffic and SEO, but the metrics are different. Viewing organic mobile searches and keyword directions will be misleading, so it’s generally better to see the experience metrics as a sign of success.