SEO and Blog for your law firm

All your pages, posts, and images on your site need to be motivated for search engines. This means making sure your page content uses the right keywords (but also easy to read / not written for the machine) while also having the appropriate SEO labels, like your <title> and <meta description> tags. Other than that, you may check out the excellent solo attorney website marketing service as well.

If you don’t know whether your site and post have SEO tags prepared, maybe not. If you do not take the time to do your SEO. Try to find an Internet marketing company to do it for you, because it will be very difficult to rank in search engines for keywords related to your area of practice if you do it yourself.

If you are a ‘bankruptcy lawyer in Houston’, your site will not be on page 1 of Google for ‘Houston bankruptcy lawyer’ if you do not create new content, and not to notify the new content to the search engine.

Some people think that “good” SEO will appear on page 1 of Google in the name or name of their company. It should be so easy, It’s so easy, If you’re looking for your company name, as long as your name is not John Smith or something very common, your company’s website should be the first result found by Google search pages.

Write Blog

One of the best ways to bring new clients to your company’s website is through blogging. Write down all your knowledge for your clients, not for yourself or for other lawyers. Write writing that is the answer to the general questions you get in your daily service from your new client.

Use this as a strategy and you’ll reach that type of person. Oh, and write a blog regularly. The more the better. Give yourself 2 hours per week to just sit at the desk and write new content, and you will have a lot of writing in a short time.