Religion Holds An Important Aspect In A Person’s Social Life

With religion, people will be more sensitive, smarter and more responsive in addressing and facing social problems in the community, for example, the existence of poverty, justice, people’s welfare, human rights or about activities that run on the path of disobedience so that they are disciplined and destroyed. not tarnish the surrounding area and no longer ensnare the behavior of the next generation towards the sinful direction miracle healing prayers. Aside from that, if you believe in Christianity, perhaps you should take a look at the Prayer for healing service if you think that you can’t pray to God effectively.

This sensitivity can stimulate and encourage people so that they do not just stay silent witnessing things that are not good, among others, about injustice in the community, about deviant behavior or about zakat that develops in the system of life in the community. people who have religion (although different), will have a more sensitive and intelligent soul to reject all events that smell of injustice.

As a new level of life

The teachings of religion always teach things that are good and forbid humans to do something that is detrimental to others regardless of their form. religious teachings are able to improve the quality of one’s life in interacting and interacting with the community. even able to change someone’s personal or group to have a new level of life that is a better life and achieve their own spiritual.

As a place for interaction

Basically, the Doctrine of goodness and truth is in all any religion in the world. religion teaches people to socialize with one another or interact with others (Other religions). All religious teachings have rules that allow all forms of business that have both worldly and religious characteristics as long as the work is done does not conflict with religious teachings and is in accordance with the norms that exist in society.