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In some cases, the shoulder is comparable to a universal mechanical joint. If you know anything about cars, you know that if it wasn’t for you-joints, your engine wouldn’t be able to change the wheels and you wouldn’t be able to drive. U-joint allows you to connect to the shaft and allow them to rotate at any angle. Similar primate shoulders; Unlike most other animals, monkeys, apes and humans can have a shoulder joint that allows the arm to rotate in almost any direction. Of course, our shoulder joints are far more complicated than u-joints. This is a useful thing to have, and arguably, is that the shoulder joints are very flexible which, together with unique primates opposable thumbs, allow us to descend from the trees and create something close to civilization.

However, that is the very complexity of this joint that causes shoulder muscle pain. Because the shoulder joint is very unstable, this requires a complicated system of muscles and tendons to do its job. These muscles and tendons can easily get tense and injured from overload, accidents and chronic stress. Many people internalize their stress and carry it on their shoulders. The use of dominant hands also plays a part; For example, if you are right-handed, you will be more likely to suffer from right shoulder pain, and vice versa.Treating first shoulder pain in auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville requires a diagnosis and as you can imagine, with a complicated piece of biological machine like that there is something surprising for some things that can go wrong. Bones can be cracked or broken, arthritis has been established, or maybe a simple case of tension in the muscles or ligaments torn.

Despite the use of general analgesic drugs, people increasingly reject this option, auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville is another option, such as the use of heat and ice therapy. Recently, the use of magnetic energy, in combination with low vibration therapy, has proven to be very effective in dealing with the problem of shoulder pain and chronic pain associated with various neuromuscular problems. This auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville treatment is completely safe and has no side effects – so they are worth investigating if you are looking for healthy alternatives to pharmaceutical chemistry.