Nutrients that Your Dog Needs

Basically, it’s not just humans who need nutrition, but pets like dogs also need adequate nutrition for growth and health in themselves. In choosing dog food, you shouldn’t be careless. The intake of vitamins, protein, and minerals must also be considered, especially if the dog you are raising is a smart and agile dog. Here is some information on how to choose a good dog food such as Life Abundance dog food.

It’s good for us to know what nutrients are needed by dogs, here is a list of the main nutrients dogs need:

Water: This is very important for helping digestion performance, normalizing body temperature, and transporting all the nutrients from the food items eaten by dogs throughout the body.
Carbohydrates: Helping dogs to have enough energy when they are active, carbohydrates will provide important calories for the body.
Fatty acids: Will help the dog’s brain to more intelligently remember our commands, make the dog’s eyes more focused, keep the dog’s coat and skin healthy.
Vitamins and minerals: Serves to accelerate the metabolism of the dog’s body, maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Currently, there are many different brands and types of dog food at low prices and also those that are relatively expensive. Generally, buyers just choose which dog food suits their budget or is the most suitable for their dog. So before you decide to choose dog food as your pet dog food, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of dog food.

Perfect nutrition
Even though under certain circumstances you are forced to buy low-quality packaged dog food, some food brands on the market usually have complete nutrition, such as already containing vitamins, minerals, and other components needed for your dog.

The right size
If you feed them raw food, we will usually calculate all the dog’s needs whether the composition is sufficient or not. Unlike raw food, in the dog food, you no longer need to calculate what protein, fat, or other content is right for dogs. Because usually in one item of food on the package already contains all the needs of the dog. You just have to adjust whether you have to give them more or fewer portions, usually, dogs that are too fat should reduce their food portions to prevent diabetes.


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