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Netizens Often Ask These 3 Questions To AC Experts

AC distributors need to work harder and be patient because many critical consumers often ask many questions from A-Z information. As with most electronic devices, AC certainly has advantages and disadvantages aircon servicing singapore. After several years of continuous use, the quality of the air conditioner will start to lose even requiring an aircon repair singapore. A service will help overcome the problem of AC damage starting from the most trivial to severe damage that is claimed to be irreparable.

Here are 3 questions that netizens often ask about AC service:

1. Why is AC not cold?

Is a problem that is most often asked by netizens on distributors or contractors who work on AC services. The causes vary greatly from the condition of dirty air conditioners, the lack of Freon, dusty filters, weak compressors, and even total death. Or because the AC capacity does not match the area and number of AC users.

2. Why does the AC leak?

The AC dealer that is where you buy AC can only repair this condition for free if there is still a warranty. However, if the warranty has been forfeited, there is inevitably the price to be paid for the service fee. This condition can be caused by clogged drainage hoses, this is common in air conditioners that are rarely cleaned. If the hose is clogged it will cause stagnant water in the reservoir and the severity can cause water to flow to various places. In addition, leaks can also occur due to broken or cracked pipes, to overcome this, the user must contact the technician to be repaired.

3. Why is the AC sound loud and noisy?

AC noise at home that is too noisy in the morning or during the day may not be too disturbing because of the many activities that are done but if it’s late at night, this sound can be very disturbing. The loud sound of the air conditioner is caused by the loose bolts even detaching, the compressor engine, the rubber stabilizer or the fan motor is broken even because the rubber holder of the compressor runs out.