In these days, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) indeed hits. Especially for young people who call themselves as ravers. In addition, some DJ works also often hang out on some charts both inside and abroad. Naturally, many festivals that carry this genre.

Although it sounds popular, EDM is still often labeled with unnecessary stereotypes. Are you aware of that? There are some misunderstandings that must be straightened out about the electronic dance music itself. If you love to attend or watch edm concerts nyc, you may have the reason why you should continue reading this article.

1. EDM is new

The term Electronic Dance Music actually first appeared in the mid-1980s. So it’s not new music anymore right? This musical genre became popular and became mainstream in American society in the mid-1990s. If you already know the style of music house and techno a decade ago, you should not be familiar with EDM.

2. All EDM music sounds the same

Many people think musicians who take the path of EDM create songs that sound the same. Indeed, the fact that writing this song has its own rules. Maybe that makes us feel the same way. Even so, you should not assume that all EDM songs sound the same. If still, maybe the way ‘enjoy it’ is different.

3. EDM is just one genre, nothing more

like the human population, EDM has many types. This music is divided into several sub-genres. EDM is a large umbrella that overshadows dance music or electronic music. Even so, there are still many who call EDM with the term techno.

4. Everything must be all electric

If there is a trumpet in an EDM song, is the music less impressed with EDM? Actually, it can not be said that way. Meksi brings the EDM genre, instrumental instruments can still enter. Even a DJ, London Elektricity, has also been experimenting in his work.