If you are considering the best SEO content strategy, why don’t you try local seo strategy for your local business, even more, if you just went online for the first time? Local SEO is an effort to optimize your business website in search engine for local search. The local search itself means searches that use the keywords of the geographic region. the concept of local SEO also does not close the opportunity for you business owners based online to bring in more clients. Basically, all SEO techniques in general also apply to local SEO. Somehow, there are some additions to the on-page optimization section.

– On-page local SEO

All elements in the SEO guide should be applied to your business website. Because in the local SEO geographic area is very influential, then the location of your business becomes a significant keyword. Therefore, including the geographic keywords in your title and meta description. If possible, also add geo-keywords to URLs and content.

– Optimization for mobile

Based on data released by Google, 80% local searches are made from mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones for instance. Looking at the magnitude of this percentage then no wonder that Google prioritizes a mobile-friendly website. Not only that, if your website is not friendly for mobile devices then prospective clients will be difficult to get information. Creating a responsive website is now not difficult, so there really is no reason not to create a mobile-friendly website.

– Review and rating

Reviews and ratings will be displayed in star search results. The higher your business rating the higher the opportunity to be displayed by Google.

– Backlink to website

Just like SEO in general, the link from outside to your website is also an important factor. To be sure, you can get good information about SEO, including for local search engine optimization.