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Learn About God

Try attending Jewish or Christian church services. Listen to the words the pastor says and try to connect them to your life. Pastors often make speeches, called sermons, connecting everyday life with the belief in God. See if any pastor’s words are related to you personally. Although you may not understand the book, it may be the sentiment or thing that the pastor says will relate to you greatly (the example, treat your neighbor as self-treating). Or you can also visit our website to learn that god is real.

Do not worry if you are not a Christian or a Jew. While you may be banned from doing things, such as receiving Communion (the bread representing the body of Jesus), there is no prohibition to listen. In fact, ministers are often zealous if non-believers are curious and interested in God’s teachings. Church services fall on Sundays and usually lasts an hour. The synagogue service fell on Saturday. Fixed arrivals usually arrive on time and remain present during continuity, although this is not mandatory for ordinary participants. Catholic society is usually a formal or semi-formal event. Make sure you dress accordingly. Collared shirts, long pants, and long dress are acceptable clothing. Remember also to respect, do not use cell phones and chew gum during church ministry.

Maybe someone you know has a good relationship with God. Talk to him about why and how beliefs are so strong. Ask questions. “Why do you believe in God?” “What makes you so sure that God exists?” “Why should I believe in God?” These are all questions your friend might be unique about. Remember to respect and ask questions with inquisitive but not aggressive. The pastor was absent at the time of confession. If you attend a gathering on a weekday, chances are you can talk to him before or after service. The pastor is God’s teacher and will be happy to answer any questions you have about believing in Him.