Knowing the Characteristics and Presence of Termites in Your Home

Do you know how termites look like? Termites are often mistaken for ants to many people and it is too late to know the damage that has already been made by them. One trick to distinguish termites from ants is by looking at their midsection. The length of the termite waist is thicker than ants, whilst ants have a thin waist.

If you want to know the presence of termites in the house, here is a sign of their presence:
– Termite Track in Walls

– Laron wings on the floor
– A void in the wood when tapped
– Termite Dung. For dry wood termites, they get rough feces of brown.

Here are the preferred places termites when they are in a place to live, check their whereabouts in the following areas:
– Door and Window Frames
– Wooden floor
– Warehouse
– Roof or ceiling
– Wood cupboard

After you know that there are actually termites that are living in your place, it is better for you to get rid of them as soon as possible. The service of a pest control company like the HOA LAM termite control company can be the right solution for you who are looking for a help in eliminating the termites. The professionals will know everything to do in making the termites go away from your place.

Other than that, regular checks by a licensed technician from a professional pest control such as the company mentioned above can also help you know the presence of termites at home. Experienced technicians can detect by listening to the voiceless sound of wood accompanied by the sound of termites that are walking foraging. Conversely, the presence of termites is hard to find if you have not been trained to detect it. That is why it is better to use the service of such a professional in eliminating the termites.