It’s Important to Have a Car Dashboard Camera!

The automotive sector technology is currently growing. This is solely to support safety when driving on the road. One of them is an electronic dashboard camera or better known as the best front and rear dash camera. Although small, this device has a very important role, namely recording events while driving so that it can be used as evidence by the driver. This was revealed by people who already felt the benefits. When someone experiences an accident or robbery of a car that then leaves the victim, then to reach all investigations when there is no witness is a dashboard camera. So the role of the dashboard camera here is very large.

Not only that, but the dashboard camera can also monitor how to drive the driver especially the driver who is drunk. This tool is indeed similar to a camera with the ability to watch or be on a level with closed-circuit television which is familiarly called CCTV but is designed for use by car drivers. When you are driving, the dashboard camera will certainly increase your security as a car driver because everything that happens in your vehicle has been recorded.

The role of dashboard cameras was actually practiced in Russia at that time with conditions to keep insurance claims willing to give them funds when an accident occurred on their vehicles because this camera acted as a collector of evidence. Many people start using this camera with various types, one of which is KDLINKS R100 which has a unique dual dashboard camera type. The front camera is one of the few that has 1296p and is known for super HD cameras. Has a little resolution under Ultra HD 1440p. This will give you a wider perspective without having to completely change the position of the lens.

Perhaps it will be more fortunate because KDLINKS R100 has a viewing angle of almost 140 degrees for the front camera and can record in 1080p resolution. This will make it easier for you to use the dashboard camera for your security in driving your vehicle on the road with your family.