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It’s Actually Possible For Cleaning Carpets Without A Vacuum Cleaner

Have you ever heard that vinegar is a proven ingredient to remove dirt or dust from the carpet? You can clean stubborn stains on your carpet using vinegar. All you have to do is just mix enough water with vinegar and then pour it into your carpet. Of course, you have to do it slowly and make sure that you rub your carpet with a soft cloth because it will automatically disappear by itself. Vinegar is indeed a substance that is needed to remove stubborn stains that stick to your carpet which is sometimes not enough to just clean it using water. Meanwhile, if your carpet has been damaged by water, just call the water damage restoration north shore.

Use a detergent

The second way is to wash it using detergent. For those of you who don’t want or even don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to worry because you can still wash your carpet using detergent.

All you have to remember is that not all detergents can be used to wash carpets because it does require detergents with certain brands that will not cause problems if used for washing carpets. If you choose the wrong detergent, it is feared that the color or even the motif on your carpet will disappear.

Therefore, all you have to do is make sure beforehand whether the detergent you will use is truly suitable and will not cause any problems with your carpet. In addition, you do not need to wash the carpet often using detergent, just a few months because too often washing the carpet is also not good for your carpet.

Sweep it regularly

How to clean the carpet without vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner you can do by sweeping it regularly. You can use a regular broom that you use to sweep the floor. But before you use a broom, you have to make sure that the broom you use is clean of dust or dirt.

In other words, before you want to clean it with a broom, you have to make sure that your broom is clean and there is no dust or anything else that sticks to your broom so that later it doesn’t stick to the carpet you are about to clean.