It’s About The Trade Object In Forex

Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, now you can make forex transactions online using only a PC / laptop computer connected to the internet. It’s so easy and practical, you can make forex transactions anytime and anywhere using the smartphone that you are currently holding. As long as you are connected to the internet network, during that time you can freely make forex trading transactions whenever and wherever you are right now. Furthermore, you can also use buy sell bands indicators to see in which level you should buy, sell, or close your trades.

In forex trading, the object of trade is still the same, namely money. But what you are trading is a contract based on the value of a currency. Simply put, when you make a transaction in a certain currency, it is as if you were buying the “shares” of that country. The movement in the value of the country’s currency is an indirect illustration of market sentiment on the country’s economy. In forex trading, there are several currencies which are referred to as “major currencies”.

Major currencies are currencies owned by developed countries that are widely traded on world financial markets.

The following is a list of currencies included in the major currency, in order of Country, Currency, and Nickname:

The United States, USD (Dollar), Greenback
Eurozone members, EUR (Euro), Fiber
Japan, JPY (Yen), Yen
The UK, GBP (Pound Sterling), Cable
Switzerland, CHF (Franc), Swissy
Canada, CAD (Dollar), Loonie
Australia, AUD (Dollar), Aussie
New Zealand, NZD (Dollar), Kiwi

Internationally, the currency symbol consists of three letters.

The first two letters represent the identity of the country of origin of the currency. Then the third letter is the initials of the name of the country’s currency.

For example, USD.

The first two letters (US) are the initials of the country name the United States (United States). Then followed by the third letter which is the name of the country’s currency, namely, Dollar.

But what is unique is the CHF, the symbol of the Swiss franc.

CH is the initial for Confoederatio Helvetica which is the Latin name for the Swiss Confederation, while the letter F is the initial for the currency, namely the franc.


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