Is Mobile Broadband Better Than Fixed Broadband?

The internet is a tool that we normally use to find various kinds of information almost every time and wherever we are. To be able to connect to the internet, we know two ways, namely using a mobile broadband connection such as tethering from a gadget or using a modem and fixed broadband connection. Basically, whatever type of connection is used by the user, as long as the network connection is stable and fast it will certainly satisfy the users. You can consider if you need mobile broadband service.

Mobile Broadband is the marketing term for wireless connection lines to the internet that generally use mobile devices such as modems, Wi-Fi devices or tethering from smartphones to be able to connect to the internet network. Wherever you are, as long as you have a SIM card with support for 2G, 3G or 4G networks and sufficient signals and devices as mentioned above, you can use this mobile broadband line. If you focus on Wi-Fi, you can still connect to the internet as long as it is within the radius of the Wi-Fi signal.

Mobile broadband has advantages in terms of mobility because you can connect anywhere as long as you have the required equipment (the device used is also quite practical). In addition, data access services provided by mobile broadband are far more flexible because users can choose the number of data packages they want to buy according to their needs with a relatively affordable price range.

Fixed Broadband is a type of connection that requires a special telephone cable or network cable to connect to the internet. As the name implies, this fixed broadband you cannot move arbitrarily because the location of telephone cables or network cables and devices used such as routers should not be moved because it is not possible for you to carry a network cable and router continuously). One of the advantages of fixed broadband is the quality of the network which tends to be stable. In some locations, fixed broadband access is faster than mobile broadband.