Integrated Logistics Services

El Mar Logistics is a party that can be either a company or an individual that provides logistics services to companies or individuals to perform one or more services that are in supply chain management. Logistics business is growing from year to year, and the increasing need to make the logistics business model is growing and changing. Users of logistic services now prefer to focus on handling corporate core business to make logistics service players start to look at one stop solution service business and build positioning as third party logistics company (3PL) and fourth party logistics company (4PL). The business model used is that the company delivers their logistics work from goods out of the factory to the goods shipped and received to the warehouse level of the distributor or the retailer’s warehouse. The mechanism of the third party logistics company (3PL) business model, user companies usually submit logistics work from the goods out of the factory to the warehouse level of the distributor or retailer’s warehouse. For example, cosmetics companies that use third-party logistics company (3PL) services will get handling service from the factory and then go to storage warehouse and then sent to retail stock. This service information can be found at

In addition to shipping, some logistics companies also provide additional value when the goods are in the warehouse such as sorting, however, packaging (packaging) when necessary. One that characterizes the company with this business concept is that the service provider has managed its own warehouse, both the warehouse is self-owned and leased. This is certainly different from the shipping company (transporter). The third party logistics company (3PL) business model basically manages trucking, warehousing, and distribution in one roof. In addition to these three things, in this service there is some value added given to the user. Value-added tailored to the needs of users. Some 3PL services provide added value in the form of tracking by using technology, inbound & outbound logistics, packaging of goods until labeling. The third party logistics company is an integration of freight forwarder, courier company, and other companies.