Movies would be a very fun thing to watch. Many people spend their weekend watching movies they like, whether at home or at the movies. If going to the cinema is considered troublesome and spend a lot of time, then try to watch movies at home. You can use Free MoviesHD to watch your favorite movies at home without the need to go to the movies.

There are many genres of movies you can watch there. If you’re bored with horror movie genre but still want to feel the tension while watching the movie. So some movies with this psychological thriller genre could be your reference.

1. Stoker
This film tells the story of a teenage girl who lives with her mother who suffered mentally unstable after her father died tragically. After his father died, his uncle decided to stay in the house. Unfortunately, the uncle is not a good person but someone who suffers from mental disorders as well. You may feel sorry for the child, unfortunately, the child you care about is also suffering from mental disorders. This can be your reference because it will play your mood very nicely and also tense.

2. Orphan
The film tells of the Coleman family who wanted to adopt a child after the wife of the family suffered a miscarriage. The family decided to adopt a daughter named Esther from Russia. Unfortunately, after being adopted, Esther experienced some changes that her mother also noticed. Apparently, Esther is believed to often bring bad things and will affect the family’s life.

3. Silent House
In addition to the psychological thriller genre, this movie also has a high enough horror genre. In this movie is told there is a child who lived with his father and uncle to help fix a house of theirs. Upon entering the house, the boy experienced a terrible thing. At first, he felt that there was a stranger living on the floor of the house. but, in fact, there is the presence of another figure who lives in the house.